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Dine In or Carry Out! Call us today at The Hungry Clam!Welcome to The Hungry Clam!

In May of 2007, Kristi & Roy Daniels took over the ownership of this unique seafood restaurant in Brookings, Oregon. In less than 5 years, it mushroomed into an award winning eating establishment with a continual stream of people, not only from the local community, but visitors from almost every state in the USA and some from as far away as England, Ireland, and Greece. Today, many visitors tell Kristi "we read about you in the Coastal Living Magazine and we had to come see it for ourselves."

One only has to look at any of the 4 spiral notebooks where customers have left their praises about the food, service and hospitality to realize there is a deep seated appreciation for this unique and peaceful little place tucked into the beautiful Port of Brookings Harbor.

Outside seating affords an ever-changing view of the sailboats (seasonal week-end races), and recreational fishing vessels headed out for a "hopeful" catch of salmon or bottom fish. The change of scenery is constant as the Port hosts major events along the newly landscaped boardwalk and one never knows what treasures are going to be available for purchase.

Couple these attractions with the aroma of cooking seafood's, it's easy to undersand why they earned national acclaim with a mention in the June, 2011 "Coastal Living Magazine" where the readers were asked to vote on their favorite places to eat. The publication featured oceanfront restaurants in several states, with Mo's of Newport the only other Oregon business mentioned.

Praises are also being sung by the Brookings community and the Hungry Clam has won the "People's Choice Award" as the best seafood restaurant in Curry County for the years, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. This event is sponsored by the Curry Coastal Pilot, the local newspaper.

How do two people who have never worked in, or owned an eating establishment, garner such a successful business? Visit the About Us Page and read their chronological account of how they managed what some people would have "never considered doing"!